Sprinkler System Installation

Lawn sprinkler systems are used to assist in the growing of the lawn in your front or backyard. It can assist in lawn maintenance and landscaping with less labor than watering by hand. A well designed and proper sprinkler system installation will help maintain your lawn’s health. Having properly functioning sprinklers is a major aspect when maintaining your lawn and gardens. With the right amount of watering, your greenery is sure to look hydrated and fresh all year round.

Our services offer quality irrigation installation services and sprinkler repair for your sprinkler system of all shapes and sizes. Our professional landscaping company will handle every job with care and make sure it's install or fix right the first time! With our services, we can help you with the initial design and regular maintenance to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

We guarantee you that we’ll do it right and not twice! When it comes to sprinkler system installation, tree trimming, lawn mowing services and other landscaping work, Jonzy's Landscaping is here to provide exceptional work to the residents living in El Mirage, AZ!